Company Profile


The MEMBRA Group of Companies (MG.C) is incorporated in the year 2000. Its core business is in health supplements and health food. The Group’s vision is to propagate one of the “Twin Pillars” of human medicines to mankind. The buzzword stands for both Modern and Traditional medicines. With the advent of science, not only has modern medicine progressed by leaps and bounds but traditional medicine has also flourished. The Group’s vision is to enable its end consumers to get maximum exposure to the health benefits of traditional medicines.

Services & products:

The Group has been in the forefront of the health supplement business, providing not only raw material but also an array of dietetic formulations – including, among others, those in the area of weight management, cholesterol and glucose control, eye nutrition, memory improvement, bone health (osteoporosis), joint health (osteoarthritis and tendonitis), beauty enhancement (skin elasticity, hydration & de-pigmentation & firmness), immunity boosting, prostate health, etc..


As a pioneer in this field, the Group has continued building up its product portfolio (ingredients and product concepts) over the years with the addition of new suppliers and new dietetic ingredients. As testimonial of its commitment and dedication to mutual success, the Group has been churning up new products year after year without fail. With the strong technical back-up from the large number of reputable suppliers, the Group has attained a strong position in promoting ingredients or products – utmost emphasis on quality, efficacy, purity, stability, bioavailability and safety.


As a leading integrated health supplements player, the Group has penetrated virtually all segments of the health food market, controlling reasonable good market share in the pharmaceutical, retail, functional foods, multi-level marketing and cosmetic industries. The success is also attributed to greater understanding and awareness on the part of the customers or consumers on product quality.

Regulatory Affairs:

As a responsible corporate entity, the Group has consistently placed top priority on the compliance of existing rules and laws governing the use and intake of health supplements. In the same vein, the Group also adhere to rules concerning religion, cultures, race, etc...

Business Motto:

Our business motto is simply to provide only the best stuff to our customers or end- consumers, follow the rules and make everybody healthier.